Your world is changing; is your software keeping up?

OrionNet Systems understands that your business changes everyday. Rules and services associated with billing Medicaid and Medicare are in a constant state of flux. State and Federal regulations dealing with Electronic Health Records have been changing and will continue to change in the coming years. Soon ICD-9 codifications will be changed over to the new ICD-10 standard.

Here are a few things we’ve provided to our customers to help them stay on top of their changing environment.

  • We’ve released ThinkHealth Practice Management "EHR" a certified Electronic Health Records technology. Built on top of ThinkHealth, the new system brings modules needed to demonstrate meaningful use such as ePrescriptions, secure messaging, labs, clinical decision support, and more.
  • ThinkHealth Practice Management "EHR" includes the Patient Portal which allows providers to give patients and their authorized representative quick and secure access to their health records. You can provide your patients with a secure web interface to view and download their records and communicate directly with their provider.
  • ThinkHealth Practice Management "EHR" also includes transmission of clinical summaries using DIRECT e-mail. You and your patients can transmit health records securely to other DIRECT providers such as Microsoft Health Vault

Do you need money? Agencies have received U.S. grants of $400,000 per year to implement a certified electronic health record.

Is your software keeping up with these changes? Do they provide the quality support you need to help you keep up and stay prepared? If your vendor isn’t EHR certified, you’re losing money.

20% of OrionNet Systems’ members need certification today. Will you need it tomorrow?

Learn more about ThinkHealth EHR Certification and Additional Cost