Benefits of Certified Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records, like all technologies, have undergone rapid changes over the past few years. While adoption of EHRs have been less then ideal, it’s becoming harder to ignore the benefits:

  • Real-time access to patient data that is accurate and up-to-date
  • Securely storing and sharing records with patients, authorized representatives or other clinicians.
  • Improved quality and efficiency
  • Reduced costs through decreased paperwork, improved safety, and health.

The HITECH Act and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have taken EHRs to the next level by defining and incentivizing meaningful use of certified EHR technology. This certification program has identified a core set of principals to standardize all aspects of EHR including security, interoperability, and codifications. OrionNet Systems recognizes these benefits and have made EHR certification a major priority and are please to announce the release of ThinkHealth EHR.

Even during the development stages we can see the benefits that come with the certified EHR features. These features don’t just mean better health care for a patient, but a more efficient and cost effective workflow for providers. These features include:

  • The Patient Portal—allows patients and their authorized representatives a secure way to access their health records and communicate with their providers.
  • ePrescriptions—reduces time and money sending prescription to pharmacies.
  • DIRECT E-Mail gives you a secure and HIPPA compliant mechanism to send patient data to patients or even other providers.
  • Clinical Summary Documents—the standard format for transmitting patient data and this common data set allows us to import patient data such as medications, allergies and diagnosis from another provider right into ThinkHealth.
  • Clinical Decision Support Interventions—allows a center to define decision aids and online resources that can be made available while entering a patient’s information to help your clinicians give standard and more concise care.

These are only a few of the features that certified EHR technology offers, and it’s not just OrionNet Systems that see the benefits. The federal government entities see the benefits and offer incentive money to providers that demonstrate meaningful use through certified EHR technology. Local and state governments are also giving millions of dollars in the forms of grants and RFP’s to providers and are requiring those providers to utilize certified EHR technology. Adopting an EHR certified technology means more business and more money for you!

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