Our HIPAA Compliance Policies

At OrionNet Systems we understand that security and data protection is a very important thing to our customers and the government agencies we work with. We always strive to release software that meets today's needs and demands, not just related to healthcare processes but security as well. We are HIPAA Compliant and work hard to stay on top of the changing security environment.

We work with our agencies not only to secure our software system but also to provide safeguards that can help healthcare providers avoid some of the common security gaps that could lead to cyber-attacks and data loss.

Our software system, ThinkHealth, and our support staff in cooperation with agency personnel will perform various task to help secure everything stay HIPAA Compliant.

If an agency needs a list of all the things we do related to HIPAA please contact our office. HIPAA privacy and security guidelines are ever-changing and OrionNet Systems strives to always stay compliant.