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Tribal Education is a web portal for tribes nationwide, to serve college-bound and K-12 Tribal Members to help drive them to be better students at every step of their academic career.

A computer displaying the Tribal Education Web Portal

Tribal Education Portal

The Tribal Education Portal was created for tribes nationwide and Tribal Education Departments. This product is designed to connect, educate and better serve your college bound tribal member through your tribe’s own online portal.

Screenshot from the Tribal Education Web Portal


The Tribal Education Portal will serve as a central location for your tribe’s education department, from grade school through college. Keep everyone informed using an online calendar of events, news articles, updates, announcements and more. The calendar of events can be used to promote events or schedule meetings. In addition, users can filter events by category

It can be used to alert students of upcoming tribal-related events, grant opportunities and scholarships, and also provide links to your business partners or helpful educational sites.


Students can view their latest notifications and alerts from administrators, update their education information, receive notifications and alerts regarding their application or document status, and view newly available internships, scholarships or grant opportunities.

Help students plan their college education and career path with the "My Career Path" section, allowing students to explore their perspective career path and view information on career tests, advice, and resources to search for jobs, compare salaries, receive training in a certain skill, or search for schools or degree programs. They can also view news articles and opportunities that are related to the student’s chosen field.

Grade schools and middle schools have also been added to the Tribal Education Portal. Now, you are able to track grade point averages and receive alerts if students falls below certain levels. You can also enter information for home addresses, email addresses, and counselors for each school.

Screenshot from the Tribal Education Web Portal


Let your aspiring tribal students interact with your administrators, staff, and other scholars in a safe environment inside your Tribal Education Portal. Users can interact, view each other’s profiles (according to each user’s own privacy settings), see who’s currently online and send messages to friends and colleagues with the portal.

Administrators can also view any student documents, check or update document status, and approve their budget, in addition to monitoring and approving students to use the portal.

Guest user accounts are made especially for a student’s parent or guardian, so they may also log on and view information regarding their student’s account or application information.

Screenshot from the Tribal Education Web Portal
Screenshot from the Tribal Education Web Portal


Your Tribal Education Portal will be a non-static website; completely customizable to fit your needs. Add your own logos, text and colors to the site to make it completely unique to your tribe. Once it is created, administrators will be able to add, edit or delete content with ease.

Manage such areas as Calendar of Events, News and Announcements, Page Content, Frequently Asked Questions, Newsletters and more. Our easy-to-use portal will help you keep your site fresh and up-to-date.

Recently added the ability to track all of the grade schools and middle schools now also. They can track grade point averages and be alerted if students fall below certain levels. Having home addresses and email, counselors for each school.


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