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Moving to Version 3.0 - 8/26/2016

Over the next year, OrionNet Systems will begin some major changes to ThinkHealth moving into version 3.0.  Version 3.0 will be faster, more optimized, have a better look and feel, and a cleaner design that will give you more options. 

Version 3.0 will come with many new tools and some major Microsoft enhancements. To get the system were it needs to be we have to upgrade a lot of our structure.  We will no longer support older servers and older SQL servers.  We will be upgrading to newer Microsoft technology.  For Data Host clients we have already started this move.  For those who have their own servers, there will need to be some system upgrades or will need to consider becoming Data Hosted. There will be new functionality that will not be available except through Data Host (Example: using the new Think Jottable phone app, credit card payment of your bill, imbedded training area in ThinkHealth, etc.).  Much of this has to be done on our own servers so the systems have to be here in our Cloud. 

As we continue to develop and move to 3.0 OrionNet Systems will keep you up to speed on where we are at with these changes and upgrades.  We thank you for you continued support and customer loyalty as we strive to make Version 3.0 and ThinkHealth better for your agency.

About OrionNet Systems

OrionNet is an Oklahoma small business founded in 2001. OrionNet has designed, developed and supported applications created both for the client-server and web environments, as well as developing, marketing and supporting a commercial application for the counseling centers industry.

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