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Reimbursement for Licensed Behavioral Health Professionals in Independent Practice - 1/22/2016

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) and the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (ODMHSAS) are proposing revisions to SoonerCare rules regarding coverage and reimbursement for services provided by Licensed Behavioral Health Professionals (LBHP) in independent practice.

The proposed revisions in APA WF # 16-01 will revoke all reimbursements and coverage for SoonerCare services that are provided by a LBHP who is an independently contracted private practice.  This change has been prompted due to the budget concerns for the upcoming fiscal year and the change is predicted to help balance the state budget.

SoonerCare members seeking services will still be able to get services provided to them through SoonerCare contracted outpatient behavioral health agencies. The affected individuals however, will have opportunities to contract with and/or become employed by outpatient behavioral health agencies in order to continue to provide and be reimbursed for SoonerCare behavioral health services. This should mitigate potential adverse effects on small business and Independent Practice.

A board meeting will be held February 11, 2016 at the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. These changes and revisions will be presented during this meeting. Clyde Wafford, president of OrionNet Systems, has stated that he will be sending some of his team to the meeting in hopes of keeping up-to-date on any changes the State may be making and to help with the process as much as possible.

 “We are here to help our agencies and counselors any way we can.” said Clyde Wafford, president of OrionNet Systems.

The proposed rule change is expected to save an average of $3,786,413 state dollars in the first annual year. With the potential of balancing the state budget many are still very concerned what the potential outcome might be for our state. While many are opposed to the idea saying it will not save the state any money, it is believed the change and savings is on the basis of stopping fraudulent billing by unsupervised people a well as the savings of less audits and employed staff due to call volume to the state.

Many have voiced their opinions and concerns on the OHCA’s website. All comments are due by February 10th, 2016. For more information or to voice your opinion or concerns you can be access the website through this link:

About OrionNet Systems

OrionNet is an Oklahoma small business founded in 2001. OrionNet has designed, developed and supported applications created both for the client-server and web environments, as well as developing, marketing and supporting a commercial application for the counseling centers industry.

Visit the OrionNet Systems’ website,, or their social media pages, & for more information.

About the Oklahoma Health Care Authority

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is the primary entity in the state of Oklahoma charged with controlling costs of state-purchased health care.



























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