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OrionNet Systems Experiences Growth in the Health Home Industry - 11/13/2015

OrionNet Systems has been taking great strides to service the Health Home industry and more growth is expected to come as OrionNet Systems will release version 2.0 of their companion app to their best selling EHR certified practice management software, ThinkHealth, this month.


“We’ve signed up another health home provider for our services,” said Clyde Wafford, president of OrionNet Systems. “As ThinkHealth is EHR certified and the ThinkHealth-Touch is mobile and can be used offline, we are uniquely qualified to assist Health Home agencies serve their clients.”


The ThinkHealth-Touch enables clinicians to write their progress notes while on-the-go and off-line on either an iPad or an Android tablet. The app is also capable of collecting digital signatures from clients. These features are becoming increasingly important for those in the health home industry and behavioral health clinicians who seek to do their job out of an office setting.


“We understand how important behavioral health homes are to the industry and to our members,” said Clyde Wafford. “So we started looking into EHR certification and the use of mobile as we knew health homes would need both features.”


Health Homes is an optional Medicaid State Plan benefit that provides an opportunity to build a person-centered system of care that achieves improved outcomes and better services and value for the Oklahoma SoonerCare program for individuals with complex needs.  The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) has partnered with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) to expand upon the patient-centered medical home model to provide coordinated primary and behavioral health integration. 


The expectation is that behavioral health homes will result in improved quality of care and more cost efficiencies; improved experience with care on the part of members; and reductions in the use of hospitals, emergency departments, and other expensive facility-based care, such as Psychiatric Residential treatment for children.


 “We’re always thinking of various features that will make services easier for Health Home providers and our behavioral health clients,” said Clyde Wafford. “So it’s no surprise that OrionNet Systems is experiencing growth.”


About OrionNet Systems

OrionNet is an Oklahoma small business founded in 2001. OrionNet has designed, developed and supported applications created both for the client-server and web environments, as well as developing, marketing and supporting a commercial application for the counseling centers industry.

Visit the OrionNet Systems’ website,, or their social media pages, & for more information.


About the Oklahoma Health Care Authority

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is the primary entity in the state of Oklahoma charged with controlling costs of state-purchased health care.



























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