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ThinkHealth-Touch 2.0 Coming Soon - 10/16/2015

OrionNet Systems is getting ready to release version 2.0 of their companion app to their best selling practice management software, ThinkHealth.


The ThinkHealth-Touch enables clinicians to write their progress notes while on-the-go and off-line on either an iPad or an Android tablet. The app is also capable of collecting digital signatures from clients. These features are becoming increasingly important for clinicians who seek to do their job out of an office setting.


“ThinkHealth-Touch version 2.0 will be able to do even more than the original,” said Clyde Wafford, president of OrionNet Systems. “We’ve been speaking with our clients to see what other features they would like to have on our app.”


OrionNet Systems plans to make the app more user friendly, with a more mobile-like layout, different colors, less issues, and to make it an all around better mobile product. The app will also enable clinicians to fill out an assessment.


“I hope everyone will like the new and improved version 2.0,” said Clyde Wafford, president of OrionNet Systems. “Our first version helped our customers but it was not our best release for being the first out of the box. We’re aim to make this next version even better. 


ThinkHealth-Touch is scheduled to be available on the app store in November.


About OrionNet Systems

OrionNet is an Oklahoma small business founded in 2001. OrionNet has designed, developed and supported applications created both for the client-server and web environments, as well as developing, marketing and supporting a commercial application for the counseling centers industry.

Visit the OrionNet Systems’ website,, or their social media pages, & for more information.



























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