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‘Step Up Oklahoma’ Plan - 2/2/2018

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Tommy Hardin, R-Madill, issued the following statement today ahead of expected votes on the revenue portion of the Step Up Oklahoma plan. The proposal, endorsed by the State Chamber and numerous other business groups, enacts $750 million in new revenue.


My years as an Air Traffic Controller have taught me to refrain from letting your circumstances; fears and emotions – or the fears and emotions of others – affect your judgment in emergency situations. If you do, someone is going to get hurt. Not everyone will arrive safely at the destination. 


“As to our current crisis as a state, there are several ideas being discussed behind the scenes. These proposals haven’t been brought forth yet because there are elected officials, companies and other special interest groups that want to capitalize on your circumstances, fears and emotions to achieve the outcome they desire. I want all of us to arrive safely at the destination we expect without taking advantage of, or prospering at the expense of, Oklahomans.


“If I were to vote for the ‘Step Up Oklahoma’ plan, I will have given the power of my constituents over to the special interest groups. Those groups ultimately want to protect their bottom line on the backs of the taxpayers, and allowing them to do so means I would not deserve the position to which I was elected. I would ask that the people of this great state, and more specifically the people that elected me, to allow this slow, frustrating and painful process we call governing to run its course. 

“It’s a true honor to continue to serve the folks in House District 49. My goal has always been and will forever be to take care of people – not to protect those who want to take advantage of others.”

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