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ThinkHealth Software Update/Deployment v 3.91 - 12/2/2016

OrionNet Systems will be doing our end of the year update on Wednesday December 7th and Thursday, December 8th 2016. This update will cover the following areas with in ThinkHealth the Main Desktop, Staff Module, Assessment, CDC, Patient Module, Progress Notes, Scheduling, Billing, Reporting, and Document Management. This update will be done with our automatic update application, please make sure your staff knows when the updates will occur and that all work will need to be saved during or before the 15 minute chat message. Thank you again for you continued support and commitment to OrionNet Systems.


About OrionNet Systems

OrionNet is an Oklahoma small business founded in 2001. OrionNet has designed, developed and supported applications created both for the client-server and web environments, as well as developing, marketing and supporting a commercial application for the counseling centers industry.

Visit the OrionNet Systems’ website,, or their social media pages, & for more information.



About the Oklahoma Health Care Authority

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is the primary entity in the state of Oklahoma charged with controlling costs of state-purchased health care.
































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