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With enterprise solutions like ThinkHealth and Callisto, OrionNet offers a variety of products to fit your enterprise needs.

ThinkHealth Practice Management

ThinkHealth Practice Management Software is an example of OrionNet’s ability to develop enterprise solutions.

ThinkHealth is an application designed, developed, marketed and sold by OrionNet Systems. In 2001, a medical center approached the owner of OrionNet Systems, Clyde Wafford, for help with various government medical paper work and billing issues. Mr. Wafford, with years of experience in software development, began designing a software system that would help not only that center but all centers. Early on, he saw the need to get as many centers involved in the design process as possible, and with the help of 5 medical centers spread all across Oklahoma, the first beta members, was able to put a team together and create ThinkHealth, version 1.

A screenshot from ThinkHealth

This application was originally designed and developed in Visual Studio .Net 2003 as a Client/Server application. Since then the application has evolved and version 2.0 of ThinkHealth was created in Visual Studio .Net 2005, also a Client/Server application but now using Remoting to talk across the network. The software is modular based with each module/library being a separate section of the whole application such as Patient Management Module. Some modules are created in C#, but the majority is created in VB.Net. The application pushes and pulls data from a SQL Server 2000 database. It is an nth-Tier application, broken down into a Database that resides on a server with stored procedures/functions which have business logic pushing and pulling data from the tables and sending them to the remote server.

The remote server is a couple of DLLs residing in memory on the database server (but could be anywhere) which are the data tier that calls the stored procedures, pushes, pulls, processes and manipulates some of the data before sending to the business tier. The business tier is also libraries (DLLS) which collect and send data to the data tier and the GUI of the application, which is a rich client interface where users can manipulate the data. ThinkHealth application also uses a complex set of web services to perform automatic updating of the system, version checking, and licensing. These Internet calls are used by OrionNet Systems to keep all customer systems up to date and compliant.

Because the ThinkHealth application is medical-based, OrionNet Systems has spent a lot of time making it HIPAA compliant with security measures. The workstation GUI, which is a rich client interface, pushes and pulls data using .Net Remoting across any TCIP network. The data tier and database can be anywhere in the world or in the same office. Either way, the client workstation can still push and pull data fast and efficiently. When data is pushed or pulled, it is compressed and encrypted to ensure fast transmission and total security.

OrionNet Systems has spent a lot of time developing the ThinkHealth software and during that time has used some of the latest technology such as .Net Remoting, Reflection, Object Oriented practices and principles (encapsulation, inheritance, etc.), VB.Net, C#, SQL Server, database triggers, jobs, stored procedures, functions, views, web services, XML, ASP.Net, HTML, etc., but all of this has been done to make a smart, user friendly and very functional application for our members. Some of the best technologies created are things such as our Rules Engine which we use to generate alerts and notices to the client. Creating files in the HIPAA EDI X12 formats such as the 837p, 835, 270, etc., which is used in our Billing module for clients to upload billing to the state government.

However good our programmers are, the thing that makes ThinkHealth the best practice management software available is that our members continually work with us to make a system that supports their needs. We have taken all of our technical knowledge and combined it with all the users’ medical knowledge and the "billing sections" needs, and now we have a software system that is the best in Oklahoma and probably the best in the United States. OrionNet Systems knows technology; we know how to use it, develop it, test it, deploy it, and most of all we know how to work with customers to make sure that technology is used to your greatest advantage.


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