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Corporate Customers


Working with customer to re-design various internal applications and creating new applications, all using various new tools such as SQL Server 2005 and .Net 2005.

Iron Masters

An application designed and developed to help the customer with taking orders and creating estimates.

EZ Touch

Worked with the customer to develop an application to consistently label syringes and IV bags and tubing for a variety of label printers.

Office Athlete

Developed an application to assist users with consistency of office health by suggesting breaks and exercise throughout the day.


Upgraded an existing application for NCI to the latest technology and introduced a more fresh and modern user interface using C++.

West Point

The West Point ACPME Instructional Design Management System (IDMS) conceptually will be a system that compiles and combines data from disparate data sources into a single graphical user interface (GUI) or dashboard.

Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes

The Tribal Education Portal was designed and developed for the customer to connect, educate and better serve college bound tribal members through the tribe’s own online portal.

ThinkHealth Clients

OrionNet Systems has multiple clients and partners. Our ThinkHealth Practice Management Desktop software has hundreds of centers with thousands of users all across Oklahoma and growing everyday.


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