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OrionNet Systems Can Develop Your Application

When off-the-shelf software doesn't meet your needs, or you need to update an in-house application to newer technologies, OrionNet Systems can be your best partner.

We provide management of the full software life cycle, starting with the early stages of specification (using UML, writing Use Cases, Component Specifications and Programmatic Interface documents), continuing through testing, implementation, and ongoing maintenance.

The following is a sample of an application OrionNet developed:

Sample 1

Working with out customer to re-design various internal applications and creating new applications, all using various new tools such as SQL Server 2005 and .Net 2005.

This application developed by OrionNet used Visual Studio 2003 and Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1. The agreed upon design uses Remoting in a Client-Server architecture. Each client connects to the server to request the latest information concerning running tasks created by all clients.

The server tracks real-time data that is available to all clients and is multi-threaded to allow executing multiple processes from one or more users simultaneously. The number of running tasks scales based on available system resources on the server. When the assigned resource limitation is reached all subsequent tasks are queued while maintaining accessibility by all clients to the status of the queued task. Each queued task automatically starts once other tasks complete and release their resources. Available resources for each parameter that defines a new task are updated in real-time to limit what all clients are allowed to select from when creating a new task.

The server entity of the client-server architecture is further broken down into a management entity and at least one engine entity for performing the work on each task. Additional engines, residing on separate machines, may be added at any time to allow for dynamically adding processing capacity as future requirements demand. Clients connect to the manager which maintains a connection to all engines to expose a view into all tasks (running, queued, or stopped/completed). When new tasks are created the manager evaluates the system resources for each engine to determine which engine should execute the new task.

Sample 2

The purpose of this successful project was to build an enterprise system for our client that controls and monitors its business processes. This system replaces the old system that was built on VB6. The system architecture is based on client-server architecture with SQL server 2005 back end. The client is a Windows-based application built on .NET 2.0 frameworks that talks to a windows service resides on server through .Net Remoting. This Windows service processes all requests from client and may or may not be polling data from database server depending on type of request and information available at that point. All information was required to be in real time. Because of that, we did a lot of code optimization, database indexes, stored procedure tuned up, compressed data transfer to ensure fast and responsive client/server.

We were responsible for all phases of the development from designing the system, implementing, testing, and deploying it. Our developers were using Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server Management Studio to manipulate codes and stored procedures. All codes are following client's coding standard and are reviewed by our team lead once a week to ensure the quality and to promote best practice. Code was controlled under Source Safe. We delivered updates to customers using email or mail hard copy. During deployment phase, our developers were on customer's site to assist them.


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