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ThinkHealth Update v4.23 - 7/6/2018

The evening of Friday, July 6th, saw the deployment of ThinkHealth version 4.23.  This update included new features and functions, including:

Options screen changes: a couple of items were moved to a more appropriate section, a "Show Client Rights on Printout" in the treatment details section, and better function in personalized settings.

The assessment module saw several new check boxes to better assess the client:  weight loss/gain of 10 lbs or more in 3 months, date of last physical exam, client had dental problems among others.

The progress notes module now allows ad hoc notes on instant auth plans with a check box in options.  There a new access right that will allow the user to control contract sources.

The patient module has optimized eligibility processing for speed and performance, plus increased eligibility checking for rehab-63AA or 63AB.

The schedule module now allows staff e-mail alerts of appointments, instead of just system alerts.

 The billing module features increased Medicare remittance processing, and enhanced EDI processing of 835 and 271 files.

The reporting module now has a Military Status in demographics reports and a "Low Unit" optional column in the Treatment Plan Initial Extension Report.

Health Home agencies have many new services that can be billed from various places throughout ThinkHealth, such as:  Nursing Assessment, Crisis Diversion-FSP, Monitoring Client Condition, Team Meeting and numerous others.













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