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ThinkHealth is releasing E-Prescriptions through DrFirst - 4/18/2018

With our pending update, E-Prescriptions will be available through ThinkHealth.  Your prescribers will be able to send data to DrFirst from ThinkHealth.   A prescriber will be able to press a button and we will send to DrFirst the client details, meds and allergy information.  Then a window will open up and the user will be able to enter in their prescription that needs filled.  We are also looking at possibly pulling data back from DrFirst such as prescription data.

To use E-Prescription an agency will have to be using our EHR version of the system due to security and data requirements. 

Anyone wanting to use this process will need to sign up with us ahead of time so we can make sure your prescribers are registered, we can do some testing and make sure everything is flowing correctly.

I hope this will help agencies out.  I would also ask for volunteers that want to work with us on some function design.  It is always good to get your feedback and talk through how you see this working.

Clyde Wafford


OrionNet Systems LLC













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