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Want a good CARF audit - 8/23/2010

Want a good CARF audit?

When it comes to audits, ThinkHealth has you covered. Dozens of ThinkHealth members across the state have successfully passed numerous SURS, CARF DMH and JCHO audits, and ThinkHealth has won praise from state auiditors as well as Joint Commission (JCHO) and CARF reviewers. Here's what some ThinkHealth members had to say about CARF audits:

"We just recieved 3 year accreditation and got examplanary commendations - no problem with the software."

"[We had a ] CARF audit a little less than a year ago. They loved ThinkHealth and didn't need any changes."

"We were audited by CARF 30 days ago and I don't recall getting nicked by them..."

"The ThinkHealth system, as we use it, meets CARF standard. We had our survey in February and this was not an issue"

"We were CARF reviewed in January 2010. There were no findings or concerns noted in regards to our paperwork...the ThinkHealth forms currently in use meet all CARF standards, as we did not have any finding in this area."

"We are CARF and have been audited many times...the auditor liked ThinkHealth and even wondered why we were not using ALL of the features such as Digital Signatures."













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