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July 1 2010 Update - Tips you should (and may not) know - 7/27/2010

These tips courtesy of OrionNet Systems, makers of ThinkHealth - the Practice Management System.

1. The CDC that accompanies a treatment plan or a treament plan update must be dated before the start date of the plan.

2. CDCs must be submitted in date order (There are centers working on the process with APS to move to CDCs around if you accidentally upload one out of order)

3. If you have a duplicate member ID or an old member ID that needs to be activited, OHCA is at least 2 weeks behind in getting those numbers activated. Your CDCs and plans will remain on hold until that ID is activated. DO NOT assign someone a new numbe if there is an old one waiting to be activated.

4. Many DMH members still do not have ODMHSAS coverage ont he MMIS system. If you identify one of those members, email David Melton at ODMHSAS to get the eligibilty activated.

5. Spot check your CDC upload on APS. Many CDCs that have been submitted show a status on "complete" on APS, but for whatever reason are not being included in the transmissions back from APS. (Current error with APS that they are trying to fix.) If ThinkHealth users have any of these CDCs that are completed, instead of waiting for the APS response, they can go into ThinkHealth and change the CDC status from "Pending" to "In use" to activate that document intead of waiting for APS to fix it.

6. We have found many PA's that show they are activated on MMIS but there was not NOT a  response from APS stating the PA was approved. Spot check PA's on MMIS for activation.

7. There are many PA's and CDC's on APS that should be linked together and are not. You may det a denial that the PA needs an admit CDC when in fact there is a 23 with completed status on it on APS. One center had to send 4 of these examples to find what is going on.

8. One center's contracts for each provider number they have with OHCA dropped the zip code in the address when they convertd over to the new system. So, their services would not pay without the zip code attached to each provider number. If this happens to you, you will have to contact OHCA provider services; check your details with OHCA.

9. Some center's provider contracts expired at the end of June and even though they renewed them, OHCA still has not updated them, so services have been denied. Make sure if you are gettign denials and you just renewed your contract with OHCA has updated your contracts as active.













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