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May is Now National Mental Health Awareness Month - 5/31/2024

May is Now National Mental Health Awareness Month

In a historic and crucial move, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has officially proclaimed May 2024 as National Mental Health Awareness Month. This proclamation marks a significant milestone in the recognition and prioritization of mental health issues across the United States.


Recognizing Mental Health as Essential Health

During National Mental Health Awareness Month, President Biden emphasizes the bravery and resilience of the tens of millions of Americans living with mental health conditions, as well as the dedication of the mental health professionals and loved ones who support them. In his speech, he stressed that "mental health care is health care," underscoring the administration’s commitment to ensuring every American has access to the care they need to thrive.


"Being able to get health care when you need it is essential to living a full, productive, and healthy life — that goes for mental health care too," President Biden stated. However, he noted the troubling statistics: in 2020, less than half of all adults with a mental illness diagnosis received care, and nearly 70 percent of children who needed mental health care could not get it.


Expanding Access to Mental Health Services

To address these challenges, the Biden Administration has implemented several initiatives:


·         Bipartisan Safer Communities Act: This act represents the largest investment in youth mental health ever, with $1 billion allocated to help schools hire and train new mental health counselors.

·         Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics: More than 140 clinics now provide 24-hour crisis support, regardless of the ability to pay.

·         988 Nationwide Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: A new lifeline that connects individuals in crisis to trained crisis counselors via call, text, or chat.


Further steps include expanding Medicare coverage for additional mental health services, facilitating Medicaid use in schools for mental health care, and investing in mental health programs for service members, veterans, and their families.


OrionNet Systems: Supporting Mental Health

At OrionNet Systems, we’re committed to the mental health community. Our Enhanced Practice Management System, ThinkHealth, helps therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists manage their work efficiently and go paperless, which also benefits the environment. Starting 22 years ago in Oklahoma, we've grown to support mental health professionals across the country.


We do more than just provide software. We give back to the community through initiatives that improve mental health awareness and access to care. By enhancing ThinkHealth and supporting mental health professionals, we aim to positively impact individuals and the broader community.


Changing the Narrative

President Biden’s proclamation also calls for an end to the stigmatization of mental health issues. He encourages everyone to show compassion, learn the warning signs of emotional distress and suicide, and foster an environment where individuals feel free to ask for help.


Each one of us has a role to play in changing the narrative and ending the stigma around mental health issues. This May, let’s come together to support mental health for all. Whether through advocacy, support, or simply lending a listening ear, we can all contribute to strengthening the mental health of our communities and our nation.


For more information, you can read the full speech here: A Proclamation on National Mental Health Awareness Month, 2024.













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