Since 2001, OrionNet Systems, LLC has designed and developed software products to serve the behavioral health and mental health field as well as other industries. Since then, OrionNet Systems has grown into a well established and respected name in the software industry. This status is a direct result of their determinedness to become a top contender in the industry and also their very successful flagship product ThinkHealth Practice Management Desktop.

ThinkHealth is used every day by agencies that benefit from the software during their daily operations such as scheduling and patient management as well as convenient assistance from OrionNet’s superior support team. Other OrionNet Systems products include Callisto which provides software solutions for client management of people with developmental disabilities and Tribal Education, a web portal developed to help Native American tribes to serve college-bound and K-12 tribal members.

We offer the same level of excellence and attention to detail in every market we serve. Focus on the customer is the centerpiece of OrionNet's business philosophy.


Software Solutions for Client Management of People with Developmental Disabilities

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Enterprise Level Software Solutions Designed to Assist Counseling Centers with Daily Operations

  • Free Training & Updates
  • Remote Access
  • Quick & Easy-to-use
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • and More
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Tribal Education

A Web Portal for tribes nationwide to Serve College-bound and K-12 Tribal Members

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Time Tracker

A Web-based application to track time spent by employees on tasks and bill clients.

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Sync your patients to your tablet, perform sessions, write progress notes, and more.

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Web Solutions

Custom website design options to define your unique web presence.

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